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When God created, he saw that it was good and trusted in the goodness of his creation. Adam and Eve didn’t trust that the story was good and ate the fruit. Noah did trust the story even when no one else did. The people at the Tower of Babel wanted fame for themselves and didn’t trust the story. Abraham left everything he ever knew and did trust the story. Throughout the Bible, we see characters who either did trust in God and his goodness and his good story or didn’t. On Wednesday evenings, our 1st – 3rd grade students are studying the Bible timeline and hearing an order of events in the Bible to see the story as a whole, rather than a bunch of random stories thrown together. We’re seeing how trusting the story and God’s goodness can have a positive, historical impact. Each week, kids will put the Bible timeline together in story cards, review previous stories in the timeline of who did or didn’t trust the story, stay moving with an interactive activity to introduce the next story, hear a new story to add to the timeline, review the stories again, and eventually get the wiggles out in the last 5-10 minutes playing some active games. It’s fun, exciting, informative, spiritual, and everything else we can cram into an hour of class! Do you trust the story?


Get started volunteering with our kids on Wednesday evenings at 6:30p. Before you can get started, we’ll need you to fill out a background check and complete a volunteer application. This is a great place to start, though! Let us know why you want to volunteer and which age group with which you want to work, and we’ll get back to you with the rest of the info!