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Allison has been serving in her role of teaching 4th-6th grade students for 16 years and served several years before that with her husband in children’s church with preschool kids. Allison feels volunteering and serving her church family are essential in her personal walk with Christ. She sees needs of the body and feels God nudging her to serve by giving her desire to do so. She answers the call! On rough days, Allison can always count on the kids to cheer her up. Her joy in serving her students peaks when she sees the light bulb go off in the students’ heads. She loves helping kids understand who God is as their creator and who we are as creatures whose purpose is to glorify him and bring others to know his Son, Jesus.


  • Hot Drink – Coffee
  • Cold Drinks – Lemonade and water
  • Snack – Takis or white cheddar popcorn
  • Hobbies – Family time, watching kids play sports, sketching/painting, playing outdoors, gardening, swimming, or pretty much anything outdoors
  • Board Game – Taboo and charades (if that counts as a board game)
  • Bible Passage – Psalm 139


Allison’s “amazing” husband Clay is her best friend and an elder here at Kerrville Church of Christ. They have 3 daughters and 1 son – Olivia (26), Juliana (23), Audrey (20), and Grant (12) – whom Allison calls her and Clay’s main ministry and very dear to their hearts. All three of their daughters are young adults learning in college or graduate school while their son is in sixth grade and keeps them continuously laughing (and busy). The Robertson’s family doesn’t stop at people, though! They have a golden retriever named Annie, a black and white kitty named Junior, and a fish named Calvin.


Volunteering at church has made Allison’s faith come alive. She really understands, now, how giving of one’s love and time absolutely blesses the giver, too. Her love for the kids runs deep and makes her want to keep up with their lives even when they’ve moved onto middle school and the youth group. To Allison, volunteering makes it simple to see others with the eyes of Jesus.


“Being a part of any act of service, big or small, will make you feel a strong sense of belonging to the family of God. If you feel disconnected or like you are an outsider looking in, offer your time in any area at church…there is ALWAYS a need. You will feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to realize your gifts. You will feel God moving in your heart to be all that He created you to be, and you will feel JOY!”

There is no denying that Mrs. Allison is a KCC Kids favorite. You cannot help but to notice her sweet spirit when she is in your presence. Mrs. Allison is a devoted wife and mother of four awesome basketball players. Most importantly she and her husband, Clay, have kept Jesus at the center of their family’s life. She has been a faithful, committed KCC Kids volunteer for many years, teaching the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students for the last 16 years. She goes deep with her class, feeding them all directly from His Truth, while keeping them thirsty for more each week. You can catch her in action pouring into our KCC Kids on Wednesday nights during class and after class showering all the kids and some adults with sweet treats from her famous candy bowl! Thank you, Mrs. Allison, for making an everlasting impact on God’s Kingdom!