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  • What is love? (1 John 4:7-8)
  • Can you remember the moment this week when you felt most loved?
  • How can you show God your love for him?
  • How do you know that your caretakers (mom, dad, grandparents, foster parents, etc.) love you?
  • What are things that you do or say to show your love for others?
  • How can we become closer as a family and show more love to each other?
  • Why do you think God loves us so much?


It's hard to have an intimate love for people with whom we don't spend much time (this can be the case for our relationship with God, too). Spend intentional time with your family. Put down the phones and turn off the televisions. Unplug the earphones and put down the homework. Give each person a voice. Play “would you rather” and have everyone take turns coming up with a “would you rather” question for everyone else to answer. Give each person a turn to be complimented by everyone else in the family. Play a game together. Invest in each other through conversation and continue to cultivate a loving relationship with your family. Weed out speech that promotes hatred and dissention. Promote speech that cultivates love. Jesus showed through his relationships from Mary, Martha, and Lazarus to his disciples to the Pharisee Nicodemus to his best friends Peter, James, and John to 5,000 people with whom he shared a meal to the tax collector Zacchaeus and everyone in between that intentional time matters and breeds love.