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Text "@kcckidshub" to 81010.



Use the button above to donate to the cause! If you are participating in the art show, use this link to make your donations. Thank you for supporting our ministry!


There are many different ways to financially support our KCC Kids through this awesome fundraiser! 1. Sponsor a table for $50 and decorate it yourself! Don't have time or creativity to decorate? Hire our local artist, Scooty, to do it for you for $25! 2. Buy some art at our silent auction. All art pieces will be auctioned off via silent auction and will be done by the kids in our ministry! 3. We eat dinner as a church each Wednesday for $5 already. Why not come out and grab some awesome chicken and waffles for $5?! 4. Leave a donation to help support our kids ministry. That might be a penny or a Benny, but anything will help the KCC Kids have an awesome summer!


During our Family Valentine's Day Banquet, we will have an art show display! We need you to make art for us to display (and sell at a silent auction). Your art can be paintings, drawings, colorings, sculptures, song lyrics, or anything else we can put in our display! This means you won't be able to get your art back, as someone will buy it from us. However, you can know you really helped out KCC Kids, and we'll get you a little something to help show our gratitude for your contribution to our cause! After you create your art, bring it to Mr. Clark or Mrs. Elsita and we'll make sure to make good use out of it! Thanks for helping us out!


We'll have Chicken and Waffles for dinner, but the fun doesn't stop at tasty soul food. We'll also have a family build for our families to do together! Want some cookies? Make them yourself! Well, decorate them, at least. Make sure and capture the night with a picture at our photo booth! Also, don't forget to check out our art show and bring some art (kids) to Mr. Clark and Mrs. Elsita to be displayed in our art show! And this "more" isn't one of those "They're trying to make it sound more exciting so they tagged a "more" to the end of the activities list" kind of "more." This more really is more awesomeness.